Tips to Cut Cost While Hiring a Car

Posted By on Sep 20, 2015 |

Everyone is yearning to save money these days, and hiring a car is, nonetheless same. But, not many know that there are a few amazing tips that can actually help you save money better, and those tricks can be used almost every time you hire a car. Here are some tricks that help you trim excess costs while hiring a car:

  • Pre-book your car:

It has been observed that more than 75% of the total money spent on renting cars could be reduced if only pre-booking was done, because just like air planes, even cars have demand, and closer the date of booking to the date of trip, the higher the cost of the rent. This thing is more prevalent if you are booking a car for wedding purposes. Choose the best company like rsv to hire wedding cars like Limo and Chrysler Limo in Melbourne if you are living nearby.


  • Do not accept false insurance cover claims:

Most of the car hire companies add on an extra appendage to your car hiring, known as insurance cover, which is very costly and adds up to almost $20 a day. It will amount to more than the total damage the car will take even if all its parts are damaged. Moreover, these claims are not comprehensive, meaning they do not account for windscreen repairs, bottom and side damage in the car, etc.

  • Take your child safety equipment:

Infants do need special provisions like infant seats, belts, etc. However, renting these would cost more than buying a total seat. Therefore, do not waste money renting these.

  • Use satellite navigation alternatives:

Satellite navigation use costs as much as $31 per week and it would be better to use other route maps like the traditional and conventional printed maps, or if you own a smartphone that can be used too. It is definitely a cheaper option than paying so much for satellite navigation facilities in the car.

  • Save fuel- drive safely:

There are always speed limits specified on roads, and you as a car driver, will definitely know how to drive to save petrol. Keep a constant speed on highways, do not give yourself or your car a bumpy ride, and you can save so much of your fuel cost so as to stay an extra two days at your tour destination.

These little facts if followed properly guarantee your safety and help you hire affordable cars.